Thursday, June 6, 2013

And Go!

Just a quick introduction :) I am Denise, I have two boys, Collin is 3.5 and Dylan is almost 2.5. I am currently pregnant with number 3 (also a boy name yet to be determined). I am also a full time college student (as is hubs). We recently made some MAJOR and HUGE changes in our lives. We switched from eating mostly processed foods (I mean I cooked but it was nothing like it is now) to real food, no processed stuff (I am not a total stickler when we are out at festivals and birthday parties, etc.) We also do what I call shopping with intention now which is we are completely GMO free (again birthday parties and festivals are a rare exception). With this change came the change of having to switch grocery stores (the Publix we were shopping at was not very GMO free friendly) to Whole Foods. We look at every label and we cook everything we eat (for the most part), and I also this week implemented a 200$ a week grocery budget cut off and so far it is working out fine :) We started a preschool program at home called Before Five in a Row and so far we are loving it! We have done a few books so far but I think we will revisit them with more direction a little later on. Some websites I am LOVING and where I am getting most of my ideas from are: Homeschool Creations, Homeschool Share, 1+1+1=1, and there are more that I will link throughout my posts when I use ideas from them. My plan for this blog (hopefully) is to post daily posts on the books we "row" and the way our preschooling at home unfolds, along with real food recipes, probably some failures along the way, along with pregnancy and kiddo updates :) Also I wanted to clarify I do not intend on fully homeschooling the boys, this is just supplemental. Collin starts preschool 2 days a week in the fall and the next fall he will be 4 days a week in preschool and then he will start Kindergarten the next year (that is just the way it worked out with him being an October baby he missed the school cut off in Sept.) I do, however, plan on supplementing their education throughout their school days because I just don't feel like we should rely solely on the public education system to teach our children. There is my introduction and tonight I will start with the postings of what we did for the day (along with pics!)

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