Thursday, June 6, 2013

B is for Blueberries!

I know it is a little strange we started a week of "rowing" a book on a Thursday but I figure the days will fluctuate depending on what we have going on that week anyway so one day we may be starting on Mondays eventually :)

Day 1 Rowing Blueberries for Sal by Robert McCloskey went a little like this:

Wake up and have home made blueberry muffins (recipe here) and organic local strawberries for breakfast. I made these muffins last night after they were in bed.

Dylan is not much for strawberries but he sure does love his "muffs"!
Read Blueberries for Sal by Robert McClosky and talk about the book as we go (the boys were really interested in this book because we have been talking about how we are going blueberry picking with our play group on Monday).

Make home made blue play dough. The boys love play dough as of late and this was right up their alley :)

Next we made "blueberries" from the dough and dropped them into our bowls counting them as we went and talking about the sounds the made when they hit the bottom "plunk" is what Collin decided it sounded like and I agree :)

Next I took two pieces of blue construction paper and drew "B"'s on them and had them cover the B's with their blue dough:

In our discussions of what words start with the letter "B" the boys discovered their favorite was "BOUNCE!"

Collin wanted to draw his own B's:

I think it was a good shot!
they also traced some B's that I drew for them:

Then I set them free to do as they wished and they chose more dough play and paper cutting:

And Dylan made shapes with stamps in the dough and talked to me about the shapes he was making:

All in all today we spent about 1.5 hours today working on our Blueberries for Sal unit and the letter "B".
More tomorrow!

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