Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Homeschool Preschool Week 1 Recap: Sonlight P4/5 and B4FIAR!

Hey there! A TON has happened since I was on last so I will spare the details. Collins preschool was not working out for us to say the least (can we say screaming insane teacher?!) So we are doing at home preschool.  It is more in our off time preschool because we are out every single morning doing play dates and library outings and things like that.

On to the fun stuff! 

Our curriculum choice. I had already purchased B4FIAR and we hadn't really done much with it, we had just rowed one book and stopped because of all the many things going on in life. (Did I mention I had a baby? Well I did. He's amazing.) However I felt like we needed more structure and I researched a TON and landed on Sonlight. We went with Sonlight because it is a prepackaged curriculum with a teachers manual everything all planned out and I have to say I am so far happy with my decision. I added in Hand Writing Without Tears Get Set for School and the Language Arts K program and I also added in Singapore Essentials K for math. But once we started in I realized that Dylan (who just turned 3) is not quite ready for all of the material in the Sonlight curriculum and we went back to B4FIAR for him and it has been perfect. So we are doing both. Dylan listens in on a lot of the Sonlight material and we row a book every week from B4FIAR and every day add in activities for the book we are rowing and he sits out on a lot of the workbook activities as of yet. Perfect. Also I should mention I am using Sonlight in a secular fashion so all of the bible and religion stuff is omitted in our schooling. 

Week 1: Ended March 14. Here are some pictures and explanations of what we did:
Box Day! Well except the sewing machine haha!

Our calendar center. Every morning we sing the days of the week song and talk about what day it is what day it was yesterday and what day tomorrow is. Then we go outside and talk about the weather. I bought the calendar on amazon and stuck pieces of velcro to it and pieces of felt to all of the attachable pieces. Easy peasy!

Learning about the layers of the Earth using hard boiled eggs. 

The (yolk) core!
Discussion about ice.
Discussion about Ice the Q and A:
1. How does it feel? Collin: Cold and wet
Dylan: Cold and slippy
2. What does it look like? Collin: a carrot
Dylan: cold
3. What does it taste like? Collin: water
Dylan: it melts and it gets into water
4. What does it smell like? Collin: a car
Dylan: pizza!
5. What does it sound like in water? Collin: tinky
Dylan: tinky tinky

Some of our reading this week included: through page 17 of A Treasury of Mother Goose Rhymes, "Rabbit and Tiger Save the world" from The Lion Storyteller Bedtime Book (we also talked about the animals differences and similarities), "Uncle Wiggily's Toothache" from Uncle Wiggily's Storybook (I really did not think I was going to like this book but I really do!), The F pages from our picture dictionary and we drew and recognized a ton of "f"s. "The Little Sparrow" from Stories from Around the World, "Baby Chick" from Eric Carle's Animals Animals, through page 7 of Developig the Early Learner, through Spring in The Berenstain Bear's Big Book of Science and Nature, "The Island of Banilla" from the Usborne Book of Things People Do (we also played "I Spy" with this book, the boys really liked that and I have caught them playing it on their own since then), Tadpoles and Frogs (another new favorite among both boys), Get Ready for the Code through page 10, HWOT through page 9, Language and Thinking for Young Children also through page 9, and the Usborne Internet Linked Children's Encyclopedia through page 13, and also the Usborne Book of Science Activities Vol 2 "Air all around" here are pictures of our air and paper race:

Some workbook work :)

I put their Language arts sections into their own binders I thought it would work well this way and so far I have been right :)
We rowed Katy No-Pocket by Emmy Payne this week. We talked a lot about generosity and how it is important to our community. We counted animals in the book and classified them.

We went outside and measured 25 ft. on our patio (the average length a kangaroo can hop) and tried to see how many hops it took us to get that far. Collin averaged 9 hops and Dylan got 2 hops in and wanted to run and "fly" because he was Batman :)

Hop scotch for number recognition.

We played outside a ton! 

We had a birthday party and some play dates in there :)

And we Started Soccer! Yay!